Day 1 of the Good Ol’ Days

By meema

Every story has to start somewhere and mine starts on August 11, 1943. I wanted to include the hospital birth certificate, but have to find it. My older brother was born in the barn where our parents were living at the time, so being born in a hospital was something new. My mother said she asked the doctor if he disliked the hot August days but he said he disliked the cold November nights that led to delivering babies on hot August days!

Mother also said that my cousin Elwin Gatlin and some friends were partying outside her open window (no a/c in those days!) before he left for the army. He never returned as his plane was shot down over Germany. Bones were returned to his parents in the 1950′s.

Mother came to Joy community in eastern Smith County TX to teach elementary school. She boarded with one of my dad’s sisters and they were married May 1, 1936 by a JP while sitting in her car. Daddy was a farmer and drove an old gravel truck for the WPA before working as a carpenter. Mother taught at Joy school until the small school joined with Gladewater Independent School District. (Sabine was much closer, but there was some sort of disagreement that led to us attending Gladewater schools.Her two or so years of college were not enough to teach in Gladewater, so she worked in the library. Since pregnant women were not allowed to work, she disguised her pregnancy and said my love of reading came from spending so much time in the school library before I was born.

My only granddaughter loves patterns, and so do I. My mother, father, and brother were all next to the youngest, or “knee babies”. Mother’s mother and one sister had died as had Daddy’s father and one brother. End of pattern. Mother was fifth of six children who survived to adults and Daddy was eighth of nine who survived to adulthood. (My brother is first of two.)

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