Baby book

By meema

I was named for Rosalee Smith and my paternal grandmother Mary Jordan (my mother was also Mary Jordan). Mrs. Rosalee was my father’s youngest brother’s mother-in-law and also a niece’s mother-in-law (in simpler words, uncle and niece married sister and brother).

Looking at the gifts, even though there was a war in process, Mother received a lot of very useful gifts…no disposable diapers, diaper genies, strollers, baby bed, etc, just practical gifts like clothes and towels. “Johnson’s Set” seemed to be quite popular.

I was quite bald and also born with a club foot, or equinovarus, and my baby book contains quite a list of the trips related to treating the condition with casts and braces. When my first son was born, both his feet were club but neither as bad as mine, and the initial treatment was the same.

My dad’s oldest brother was able to get me into Scottish Rite Hospital for Crippled Children in Dallas, TX, where the treatment I received was the best available. After numerous casts and splints, I had surgery while in the first grade and another surgery in sixth grade. The foot is smaller but I have never felt “crippled” by it, just have to buy shoes with straps or laces. I tried so hard to wear loafers in the ’60′s, but just couldn’t keep the right one on! Oh, and I use my left foot on piano pedal designed for right foot.

Along with baby news, Mother included that war ration books 1 and 2 were issued October 26, 1943.

The very last entry in the book is “Tonsils removed October 21, 1947″. My tonsils were truly rotten, and Dr. Nichols put them in a small jar and for years, those tonsils were my escape from teasing by my brother! Everyone needs some help now and then!

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