About those chickens…

By meema

Welcome to the Good Ol' Days

If you’re going to raise chickens, here are a few things you really need to know (I grew up with chickens so I know!):

  1. Chickens do not lay eggs at the same rate year round. My dear mother would get very aggravated buying eggs and chicken feed. With whatever innovations there are in raising chickens, there seems to be an endless supply of eggs available in the stores and at Farmer’s Markets, but ’twas not always that way. One of my cousins sold eggs from her home, but customers only came by when her eggs were cheaper than the grocery store.
  2. Some of our chicken feed was dry “field corn.” It shells very easily.
  3. Roosters will fight, so we only had one adult rooster at a time, so Sunday chicken dinner was either young rooster or old hen.
  4. Chickens kept in a chicken house like the one we had stink. No easy way to say that.
  5. If a chicken got sick or wounded somehow, the other chickens picked on it.
  6. Wringing a chicken’s neck, plucking the feathers, and singeing it to get rid of the pin feathers is no fun. Guess the urban farmers will find some other way to “dispose” of older chickens. Watching a chicken flop around after the neck wringing was kind of entertaining.
  7. One year, we had 2 of the cute dyed baby chickens. They didn’t live very long.
  8. Hens seemed to always set when Mother didn’t want them to and not set when she did.
  9. Chickens do eat insects, but I don’t want them running around my yard.
  10. Chicken coops have to be cleaned now and then. Nothing fun about that. I have seen some really neat looking portable coops with bottoms that can be removed for cleaning, similar to a bird cage, so guess that might not be too bad. Even WalMart has chicken coops.
  11. Snakes like chicken eggs as do some dogs and skunks. Foxes and some dogs like chickens also. We never had problems with chicken hawks, like Foghorn Leghorn did, but know there are other predators also.

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