Cardboard monsters on a snowy day

By widgetress


We had the biggest snowstorm of the season over the weekend but I kept myself busy on my own. Mission: Scare grownups!

Cardboard monsters are the best DIY project a kid can make especially because you get to scare people!

It starts like this:

Step 1:¬†Find a spare cardboard box and draw a scary face on it. But don’t let anyone see you do this or else they won’t be easy to scare.

Step 2: Hide under box. When a parent approaches, jump up and say “Roarrwwwww!”


Step 3: Now that one grownup is in on the secret, get him to cut nose holes in the box. And convince daddy, I mean, the grownup to get you a Sharpie to darken the lines on your monster face. (And don’t do this on the nice wood floor because the Sharpie leaves a permanent mark — sorry mom!)

Step 4: Then really scare mommy! (Don’t my eyes look like monster boogers?)


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Source: A girl named Widget


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