My first movie review: Miss Minoes

By widgetress

Hello friends! You’re just in time for my first movie review: Miss Minoes.

The movie is about a girl who can talk to cats. That’s because she once was one (at least at the beginning of the movie)! I don’t know how the cat became a girl. All it did was touch something that humans touched (a blue can filled with chemicals, my mama explained to me). The movie was very funny. And I also found out it was adapted from a book by Dutch author Annie M.G. Schmidt. I especially liked the little girl in the movie because I’m a little girl.

As for the plot of the movie, all I know is that everything the bad guy did, everyone else in the town thought he was the good guy. But he really was the bad guy. And at the end, Miss Minoes got married to her boyfriend. And I liked that too because it was funny. Even the cats got to eat some wedding cake because they were Miss Minoes’ friends.

I was so inspired by the movie that I drew this picture of Miss Minoes on the roof with all her cat friends (see the cats are the same as the movie cover) and the little girl and her green suitcase. That’s where they would have all their meetings to find out what was happening with the humans (she was helping the man figure out how to become a newspaper reporter).

The movie is available as a free stream for Amazon Prime customers.

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