Salt mines, broken bones and other field trip memories

By meema

Grand Saline: From Sweet Success to the Salt Mine

The April 2013 issue of Texas Coop Magazine has an article about Grand Saline, TX (or “Texas” as we had to spell it until the US Postal Service came up with the 2-character abbreviations). The fifth grade field trip was always to the Grand Saline salt mine. As with all our field trips, the school furnished the buses, we took sack lunches, and my mom went along as a chaperon.

When we made the trip in spring of 1954, the salt dome was huge with elevators to take us down to the floor where there were trucks and machinery just like you could see on the surface. domain whois . Everything in the light was white but with lots of dark shadows. One of my classmates was terrified being underground, so Mother held her hand and comforted her the whole time we were there. There were salt sculptures like monuments and salt shakers available for purchase, but we all picked up small pieces of rock salt and hid them.

The story every year was that if you licked enough salt, your blood would get too thin. Don’t know that anyone ever had that problem, but we looked forward to that trip regardless of grade. There was always rock salt available from the current fifth graders.

Sixth-grade field trip was a skating party to Big Sandy, TX (not the one in southeast Texas but on Highway 80, east of Gladewater). Those were usually uneventful except for the occasional broken bone. My friend Nellie Landers was a grade ahead and she broke her arm at their skating party. Wonder if the school paid the doctor bills?

The other field trips I remember were to the bakery in Tyler, where we all were given small loaves of bread to bring home, and to a corn syrup mill powered by one horse.

Our kids went to NASA, which was not the big deal it is now. But our family went to the visitor’s center fairly often to pick up the current astronaut package with photos, etc. The school trip was a little more than the visitor’s center.

There was also a trip to Armand Bayou which wasn’t too impressive since it just looked like going to Nanny and Grandpa’s for my children, just a lot more humid with more mosquitoes!

Wonder if someday a field trip will be to space for the day?

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