Review: How ‘The Hobbit’ should have been

By widgetress

If the Hobbit had girls

I just finished reading “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien. Actually, mama read it to me and daddy.

It was good. I liked it a lot. Because Bilbo Baggins found the magical ring. I didn’t like the part with Gollum because Gollum wanted to eat Bilbo.

So, of course whenever I get excited about something new, I draw. But I don’t like to draw boys. It hurts my hand to draw boys. So I drew this picture of all the characters but everyone is a girl. By the way, why are there no girls in The Hobbit?

If you haven’t read the book (or seen the movie), here is what happens in three sentences:

“The Hobbit” is about lots of dorfs (dwarves) and a wizard named Gandolf and a Hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. They go on an adventure and they go into a creepy forest where there are giant spiders they get trapped by and the Hobbit rescues them and they get captured by wood elves and then they go out to fight the dragon. After that, they get all the dragon’s treasure.

The dragon is named Smaug, but I pretended there was a girl dragon named Smaugalina. She was Smaug’s kid. I didn’t draw her but I did draw a 2-headed dragon while mama was reading the book to us.

Two-headed dragon that could have been in “The Hobbit”

And then I drew Gandolf, the wizard:

Gandolf, the wizard

Gandolf, the wizard

Everyone should read the book before they watch the movie (which I saw afterwards — the animated version that is). I think the book is much better than the movie. The book was available at my local library as an ebook, which was cool so we could read it in the dark in front of the fireplace. Happy Hobbiting!

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