How to paint a fantastical fence

By widgetress

How everyone should paint a fence

A fantastically painted fence is the perfect start for spring!

Now that spring really is here (that means no more snow in the near forecast!), we started moving outside. And my first big project was to make a trellis for our blueberries and other berry vines growing on Blueberry Hill.

An old fence panel we weren’t using (the previous owner used it to cage in the backyard instead of springing for a gate), seemed like a good reuse of an unused product. And mama found some cheap paint. Check the clearance section of your local home-improvement store. We found a $7 for a gallon of white exterior paint with primer!

This stuff is cheap! I recommend darker colors if you’re going to mix with white.

After we painted the fence white, daddy had the great idea of mixing our cheap craft acrylic paints to create fantastical colors. That way, the colorful paint would have primer built in to save a step. Now, why didn’t he mention this before we painted it white?

Anyway, that’s what we did. We used a measuring cup to mix 2 cups of white paint with acrylic paint until we got the hue we wanted. Tip: Go with less white paint or else you’ll have a lot leftover.

It took a while and I accidentally stepped in the paint (doh!) but I think it turned out just swell. Don’t you just love it?

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